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Certificate Program in Jungian Psychotherapy (33CE) Online
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Jungian psychotherapy has a fascinating history and broad, infinitely interesting applications. Dream and shadow work can help "hardened" convicts learn and grow, the archetypes depicted in tarot decks have use in the field of marketing, and tough high-school dropouts can come back to life with drumming in the wilderness. The Jungian psychotherapists and authors whom Dr. David Van Nuys interviews in these courses work in a wide variety of areas. Some are also shamans, prison therapists, musicians, marketers, and more. These engaging audio interviews use the power of story to introduce the listener to nooks and crannies of psychotherapy that do not often see the light.

Includes 5 Jungian Psychotherapy courses:
Understanding the Jungian Worldview
Exploring Jungian Archetypes
Tools and Applications
Active Imagination
Myth, Story, and Synchronicity

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